A Year In Horror

1920s & 1930s (Part 1)

Episode Summary

It's time for one of those massive episodes. What do I think was the greatest horror movie that came out in during the 1920s & 30s? Well, here we have the top 10. The worst 10. A stack of also rans. A bunch of mates. Some special guests. Several pints of beer & just over a 5 hour running time. This is the 20s & 30s, two decades in horror.

Episode Notes

It's a long journey this one, and I am going to give you the time codes below so if you don't want spoilers then please, avert your eyes.

Below are the timecodes for all the different segments and my guest links. Feel free to let me know where you think I got it wrong or right and of course stay safe out there & I'll see you next month.